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It is difficult to speak about what we are going through without acknowledging how small and vulnerable we feel in this new reality. Change scares most people; it reduces us to a state of vulnerability wherein we doubt and question and dismiss our ability to survive. This might sound dramatic…because it is. However, this is quite normal. Even supposing you are the type of person that genuinely enjoys the shattering of routine, the uncertainty of new experiences, I am guessing this moment in time is still quite unsettling. All that said, the best way to imagine moving into this new space is to think about it, write about it, explain it. So, that is what we are going to do.

For this blog post, I want you reflecting on the last two weeks from three different perspectives: 1) You w/family & friends, 2) You w/the news/external information, and 3) You alone. From these perspectives I want you writing about your experiences, your conversations, what you have been reading and watching, how you’ve been digesting it, and what you have been thinking and feeling as an individual in this new space.

Remember, blog posts are designed for you to write and format your thoughts and feeling in any way you choose. The only design input I will have on your work is with images.

To go with your writing, include 3 photographs:

  1. An image of you w/your family – or friends if done remotely/safely) in your “space”
  2. A current image from a “credible” news source (off the Freedtopia list, please) that resonates with you in this moment
  3. An image that best expresses your current intellectual and/or emotional state (i.e. the state between your family/friends and the news, let’s say)

If you have any questions, first attempt to answer them yourself! If that doesn’t work, text/email me.

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