….it just might exist




My Last Duchess,  Robert Browning
The World Is Too Much With Us, William Wordsworth
We Wear the Mask, Paul Laurence Dunbar
Ozymandias,  Percy Bysshe Shelley
Out, Out,  Robert Frost
Dover Beach,  Matthew Arnold
The Tyger, William Blake
The Second Coming,  William Butler Yeats
Dulce Et Decorum Est,  Wilfred Owen
I felt a funeral in my brain,  Emily Dickinson
Those Winter Sundays,  Robert Hayden
To His Coy Mistress,  Andrew Marvell
The Weary Blues,  Langston Hughes
In the Waiting Room,  Elizabeth Bishop
Ode on a Grecian Urn,  John Keats
Sunday Morning,  Wallace Stevens
The Red Wheelbarrow, William Carlos Williams
Pied Beauty, Gerard Manley Hopkins
Goblin Market, Christina Rossetti
Ars Poetica, Archibald MacLeish
My Papa’s Waltz, Theodore Roethke
Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou

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