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HOW I READ (300)

For the post before we begin reading our first novel, I want you to begin a kind of self-examination of how you are as a reader and what role books have played in your life. The goal here is to think about how we evolve as readers (how we used to approach books compared to how we approach them now, for example). What is interesting to me is that with the rare exception, most of us begin our lives as passionate book lovers (if you don’t believe me, read a book to a three year old and watch how spooky their focus is). It is only after we accumulate certain experiences that the need to satisfy our imaginations diminishes. Is this the case with you?

There are many ways to approach this blog post. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • When and how did your relationship with literature begin?
  • What purpose or role have books played in your life?
  • What satisfaction do you get from a book that you don’t get from a movie? A TV show? Or vice versa
  • Do you learn from a book you read in the same way you learn from a class you take?
  • What do we get from other modes of entertainment that we don’t get from a book?
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