….it just might exist


Use the below websites to piece together an informal, yet useful profile of Franz Kafka. As you surf these sites consider

  • Childhood
  • Adulthood
  • Family
  • Religious affiliation/influences
  • Political, cultural, and economic influences and trends

When you are done go to the AP Discussion Board and contribute to the “The Kafka in Kafka” discussion leading into Wednesday’s class.

Finding Kafka in Prague

This interactive site that explores modern Prague in search of the real Kafka. It combines photos, text, and sound to make it feel like you really are walking the city in Kafka’s footsteps.

The Kafka Project

The Kafka Project is an ambitious web undertaking that aims to make all of Kafka’s works (in the original German) available on the Internet.

Franz Kafka on Wikipedia

Wikipedia’s page is spot on; most importantly, it offers a ton of information relevant to this task. Freedman will turn is snobby head away for this one.


The Franz Kafka Society

There are societies dedicated to Franz Kafka all over the world. But the one based in his native Czech Republic (Bohemia, as it was known during Kafka’s life) is among the most active. This website has good information about the author. The society also awards the annual Franz Kafka Prize, a prestigious international award that honors writers whose work reaches across nations and cultures.

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