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About Freedtopia

For years now I have been watching firsthand the frantic sprints and grinding marathons of a real blogger that happens to live in my house; and for years now I have been quietly saying to myself, “Man, that sure looks like fun, sitting down after a long busy day to try and squeeze the juices of creativity out of my drained and haggard soul so I might deliberately open myself up for public ridicule….and everyday if I choose!” For some reason unbeknownst to me, I have consciously stayed away from exposing my students (and if I’m being honest, myself as well) to this delicious world of writing and thinking and agony because I thought they weren’t ready for it – or even if they were, they shouldn’t be exposed to it. I know how cold and merciless the internet can be if you’re completely honest with it, and I didn’t think my students needed that in their lives.

Well, here’s to flushing my caution and compassion down the toilet. This year I am determined to use the blog not simply as a creative tool for satisfying my professional obligations, but more like a penetratingly focused megaphone for launching the beautifully opinionated words of my students into the academic stratosphere of this world.

Concerning the name of this blog….

The way I see it, Thomas More’s failure to insert his name into the title of his own book doesn’t mean I can’t (that said, Moretopia seemed misleading…..and a little gluttonous, to be honest!)

In my land, you are Freed to be perfect.

Utopia as it was in the 16th c.

(before Freedman got his hands on it)

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