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College Fair Extra Credit

This extra credit assignment is designed to get you actively participating at this evening’s college/career fair at NFA Main, and then examining and reflecting on the experience on your blog.

For any credit, you must participate at the workshop/fair. . .no standing around with your mouth glued shut! Walk around, stop at the tables that interest you, and speak to another human being!


Complete the “College Fair Questions” sheet while at the fair, turn it in by Friday class time, and then answer the below prompt on your blog no later than Sunday evening for extra credit. You will need to supply evidence that you’ve spoken to people, so collect the business cards of those with whom you’ve spoken!!

Blog Prompt: Share an experience from the college/career fair that resonated with you. (When something “resonates” with us that means it echoes around in us because we connect with it, relate to it, understand it.) What about this experience do you feel will help you as you move toward graduation next year? Be specific, and be honest!

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