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COLLEGE IS NOT AN OPTION (300 words min.)

No College Degree, No Problem. Its pretty clear in today's world, a… | by  Sissy Rogers | MediumSo, why write about an option that for some of you is not an option? Should you not be preparing for the next challenging phase of your academic lives? Well, the answer is simple: Considering the alternative of anything allows us the perspective we sometimes lack when fixated on one thing (i.e. writing about the possibility of not going to college might allow you to truly comprehend why college is considered a smart option).

So, relax, take a breath, and then imagine what you would do if college was not an option. . .AND you could not continue to live with your parents.

  • How would you survive?
  • Where would you work?
  • Where would you live?
  • How would your perspective on life change?
  • Most importantly, how would your goals, your dreams, your aspirations change?

What would you do?   


This is the first writing prompt of the 2nd quarter, which means the standards of what we consider “finished” work have gone up! Of course we are looking for you to answer the prompt as completely as possible (this is the “content” of your writing), but we are also extremely concerned with what your writing “looks” like. This means taking the time to proofread and think about structure in your writing before declaring it “finished.” 

Use the 5 Finger Proofreading sheet to help you!

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