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Creating Resolution in “Hills”

From our class discussions we now understand that Hemingway intentionally left out a clean resolution to the couple’s problem in “Hills Like White Elephants.” For some, this is what makes the story so appealing, so successful; for others, it is just annoying and begs the mind to create a resolution for the characters. For this assignment it is your responsibility to give this story resolution.

Instructions: Write your own ending to “Hills Like White Elephants.” Your ending should

  • use Hemingway’s style (e.g. no adjectives, simple language) and format (e.g. mostly dialogue). Your aim is write an ending that looks and sounds like Ernest Hemingway wrote it.
  • begin with Jig’s line “There’s nothing wrong with me. I feel fine” 
  • offer clear resolution

Note: This is not a blog post, nor is it shared on Google Docs. Hand-written resolutions are fine, but typed work (printed out and ready when you walk in) is preferred. There is no required length to this assignment – the only requirement is that you write an ending which shows resolution.

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