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Prompt: Write a letter to your fears. (250+ words)

Compose a formal letter to your fears, examining their place in your life, where they come from, how they affect you, and what you would like to change regarding their presence in your life.

IMPORTANT: The format of the post (that of a letter) not only requires you to once again employ a professional letter format , but also (and most importantly) personify the emotion of fear (i.e. treat it like a person in your writing).


Dear Fear of Taking Chances,

I remember the first time we met. It was 2013, top of that snowy hill in the Catskills, the wind blowing like an angry old man yelling at the TV, and you, with your loud voice, screaming at me to get off the sled and walk back down the hill! Initially, I thought you were someone else making a joke. I never backed away from a challenge; a steep snowy hill is my best friend. But on that day, for some reason, I listened to you, and that changed everything!

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