….it just might exist


In my 20 years in education I have experienced nothing even remotely similar to this year. The known, the unknown, the certain uncertainty, it all seems clearly tangled, shrouded in plain sight. (You get the point…and, I am sure, it is the same for you all.) So, what do we do with this state of mind, state of living? Do we resign ourselves to some passive understanding  of it all, or do we slow down, examine what we’ve gone through, and attempt to make some sense of it all? 

Yes….we do the latter!

For this final blog post, I want you to reflect on three different aspects of your lives: the social, the emotional, and the academic, all in the context  of this year (September to Now). 

For example, academically the year started out like most others: building on the old, learning the new, putting it all together. How has new content and rising academic expectations of this year been different, challenging, infuriating, satisfying, confusing, enlightening, discombobulating? And, most importantly, how has your academic identity changed over the course of the year, especially with the punctuation of the present moment? (Important: When you cite content from the year, be specific and explain!)

Socially and emotionally are no different. You have made huge social and emotional strides in your lives; slow down, acknowledge them, reflect on them, and then share. 

Like all the metacognitive and narrative writing prompts you’ve done on your blog this year, structure this anyway you choose, just make sure you set time aside to think, reflect, and be honest! This should be no fewer than 600 words, no single paragraph posts, and multimedia (i.e. images, videos, gifs, etc) is acceptable if it supplements your reflections. 

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