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Blog Post (“My Idea Worth Spreading”): After you have submitted your “SOP” and have been checked off as “Approved” you may begin writing your blog post for the first phase of this project. This blog is due posted on Wednesday, February 18. There will be no late posts accepted.

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For this post we are going to keep it simple.

  • First, share the idea you’ve chosen for your Senior Talk. Commit some time to writing it down as well as you can (word choice is crucial – it will guide you more than you know).
  • Second, share where the idea came from: What inspired it? Did you find it (maybe on TED or in a newspaper) or was it always there – a passion, a hobby, a curiosity?
  • Thirdly, share an interesting fact you’ve found or realization you’ve had regarding your topic.
  • Lastly, take time to consider what you feel you’ll need to do to give the best Senior Talk you can possibly give. You can use this portion to maybe construct an informal framework or game plan to follow over the next month or so.

Make sure your work is posted on time!

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