….it just might exist


Individually: Today and Monday will be dedicated to labeling and isolating specific relevant information from your sources. This task will conclude with a graded conference with the teacher in which your sources and information are evaluated and an action plan devised to help you research independently for the rest of the project.


On your Google Docs you will need to

  1. Re-visit websites you’ve identified as relevant and useful to your ST idea
  1. Extract (cut and paste) specific relevant information from website to your ST Source sheet. Paste research underneath the URL and then complete the following tasks
    1. Summarize the information (i.e. What is this information communicating?)
    2. Make specific connection(s) to your ST idea (i.e. How is this information directly linked to your SOP?)
    3. What role do you imagine this information playing in your Senior Talk? Examples:
      1. Does it introduce your idea? If so, what does it introduce?
      2. Does it educate on your idea? If so, how does it educate?
      3. Does it persuade the audience that your idea is one worth spreading? If so, how is it persuasive?



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