….it just might exist


“I rant, therefore I am.”  – someone angry

What is a “rant”? Simply put, it’s an angry speech, a tirade, a string of complaints, a harangue, a sustained outburst with an objective; something completely necessary, thoroughly therapeutic, and possibly important to the evolution of the human race. Just ask Wordsworth.

Task: Write a rant sonnet on any topic, issue, event, person, place, thing – you get the idea – you have a problem with. Your focus need not be as globally relevant as Wordsworth’s; it can be as trivial, mundane, amoral and self-seeking as you want – no judgement will fall upon you…by me. That covers content. The only technical requirement for this assignment is that your masterpiece possess the characteristics of a Petrarchan sonnet (i.e. 14 lines, octave, sestet, volta, rhyme scheme(s). No exceptions!).


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