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REVIEW (400+)

Choosing one of the below areas, compose a review that expresses an opinion of a chosen product.

The purpose of any review is to help the reader determine whether they should (or should not) spend the time, energy or money experiencing what you have experienced. Being informed and professional are prerequisites for any review; however, that should not limit how you review (e.g. a sense of humor always helps the medicine go down). Reviews should be appealing to the reader: not purely subjective, and not overtly objective. Find a happy middle ground.

Finally, while this is not an academic piece of writing, I want you to begin applying what you are learning in class (i.e. identifying the rhetorical situation). However, in the case of this blog post, you are the one creating the rhetorical situation.

To prepare for writing your own review, use an exemplar as guide, asking of it:

  • Who is the individual doing the reviewing? (i.e. the speaker)
  • What is the context, the occasion, the exigence of the review? (e.g. the release of a new movie)
  • Who is the reviewer speaking to? (i.e. the audience)
  • What is the purpose of this review? (i.e. what is the reviewer trying to achieve?)
  • What is its subject? (i.e. the product)
  • How does the speaker feel about the subject? (i.e. the tone)

Review areas:


TV shows/series

Fine Art (e.g. music, painting, photograph, dance)

Video Games






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