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“The art of learning is the art of awakening our natural curiosity for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.” Anatole France

Before we leave for Winter Break you will be responsible for following your curiosity in a controlled environment – that environment will be the TED website.

As we’ve previously discussed, TED stands for technology, entertainment, design, but the videos you will find on the website do not limit their content to just those three areas. What you need to do next by Monday next (11/13) is find those areas (themes, topics, etc.) that interest you, and then watch! The only restriction is that of time.

Part 1 – The Watching

  1. Go to and click on WATCH => TED Talks. You will see Topics, Languages, Duration.
  2. You may watch any Topic in any Language, but the Duration must be “0-6 minutes” or “6-12”. If you find a talk that is over 12 and you must watch it, fine…but try your best to stick to the time restraint – it will help you in the long run.
  3. Lastly, try your hardest to actually watch a talk all the way through. You might feel the impulse to stop watching the second you feel bored – DON’T HUMOR THAT IMPULSE! Commit yourself and watch…love it or leave it…all the way through. It will help.

PART 2 – The Writing (100+ words a Talk):

  1. Choose 3 TED Talks to write about.
  2. For each talk, first embed it in your post. To do this:
    1. Copy the talk’s URL off TED.
    2. When in “edit” mode, click “ADD MEDIA”.
    3. Click “Insert from URL” and past URL.
    4. Click “Insert into page” at the bottom right of the page.
  3. Under each embedded talk examine:
    1. The meaning of the talk (e.g. “This talk examined the presence of bullying on social media…”)
    2. What it’s purpose was (e.g. “This talk wanted to inspire us to fight cyber-bullying…”)
    3. What attracted you to this idea (e.g. “I have witnessed and even participated in cyber-bullying…”).
    4. Why this idea appealed to you (e.g. “I feel that cyber-bullying….”).
    5. How it connects to your life or goals or simply something you might want to talk about for your Senior Talk.
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