….it just might exist


Suffice to say, “stuff” breaks! It does not matter if it’s the heart or the kitchen faucet, love or appliances, life is about the breaking and the repairing, and somewhere between those two states of existence we find the time to learn, struggle, and grow. So, for this blog post I want you thinking about what’s broke and how you will/would go about fixing it.

Specifics: Choose two things in your life that are broken. One must be something directly connected to you (e.g. a relationship with a parent, your unwillingness to ask for help), and one must be something shared by humanity as a whole (e.g. global warming, gun violence). For each, you must

  • explain why the thing is important to you
  • explain why the thing is broken
  • and then explain how you will/would go about fixing it

Important Note: Beyond the responsibility of articulating your choices, you must, must, must use structure in your writing and proofread your work before publishing it. We are almost in the 3rd quarter, so there should be nothing on your blog that demonstrates sloppy, impulsive writing. Think, write, proofread, publish! Mistakes misrepresent just how damn smart you all are!

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