….it just might exist


At the beginning of the year you blogged about what you wanted to accomplish this year as seniors (“The Beginning of the End”); you thought about where you’d come from, where you were at that moment, and where you wanted to be in June.  It is almost the second half of your senior year, and while that dispassionately means you are simply 20 weeks closer to your goal of graduating, there has to be a mix of anxiety and anticipation as the idea of going somewhere else grows more real every single day.

For this post I want to hear about how the process of exiting is going for you. Questions to consider:

  • Have your goals remained the same, or have things changed?
  • Has your focus shifted?
  • Have you started the application process, are you done and waiting, or are you procrastinating?
  • Have you selected a college(s)? Made a visit to a college? Been accepted at a college(s)!?
  • If none of these, have you begun looking into your next step in the professional world?
  • Have you applied for a job, taken your ASVAB for the military or begun research into some vocational programs for training in a particular field?
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