….it just might exist


The new year is upon you! Yes, in a few weeks it will be 2019, and you will be one more year closer to 2020 when you will graduate from high school and find yourself alone in a big old world that now wants you to be a contributing adult. Depressing?

So, for this post (the final post of 2018, YAY!…and the final post with Freedman, BOOO!), let us examine where we are as humans and as scholars. Possible questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • Have I grown this year? Or at least since September when I stepped into this class?
  • Am I more mature? Less mature? Totally static, the same, consistently me?
  • Am I smarter? Wiser? Emotionally stronger?
  • More able to handle myself in the world?
  • Or am I more naïve? More stubborn? A nervous wreck!?
  • Less able to survive on my own?

And lastly, share a few words about what you want to achieve in this coming year? I’m not talking about “resolutions” (those are boring, and we rarely follow through!)…I want to know what you’re working towards!

Think, think some more, write, write some more, edit, and then proofread and publish!

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