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This post is simple to comprehend: Write a review of the movie you just finished watching, making a direct comparison to the play you just finished reading. You can structure this any way you choose, but I strongly suggest you take a look at the “How to Write a Movie Review” link in the “How To” section of Freedtopia.  A movie review is not a recap….it’s a lot more than that….so take the time before you write your review and check out the following websites to get an idea of what a successful movie review reads like. Useful links:

  • TEEN INK (Reviews → Movie Reviews)
  • NY TIMES (Arts → Movie section)
  • ROLLING STONE (Reviews → Movies)
  • NPR – National Public Radio (Arts Entertainment → Movies → Movie Reviews)

Also, a useful resource for writing a movie review is IMDB (Independent Movie Data base) – this will offer you the names behind the movie (i.e. director, producer, screenwriter, actors, music composer), essential elements in a movie review.

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