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The next phase of this AIR unit focuses on two things:

  • Continuing to educate yourself on your chosen social issue
  • Finding and analyzing Visual Media and its social objectives

Task: Complete the following steps.

  1. Find a PSA (public service announcement) or a Social Awareness campaign ad that best illustrates your social issue. A website such as YouTube, or any other video-sharing site, will have an abundance of PSAs if properly searched; for Ad campaigns, google your social issue with “Ad campaign” and search “images”. Also, take a look at the “Social Issues” category on Freedtopia (you will find some interesting examples of social issues in visual media).
  2. Embed the video or paste the ad into a new blog post entitled “Finding Social Awareness in Visual Media” and then answer the below prompts:
  • Explain the connection between your visual media example and your chosen social issue.
  • What do you feel the PSA or Ad’s objective is? What do you feel it wants you to do? And how it is it conveying that objective?
  • Do you feel this PSA or Ad is successful? If so, be specific concerning what you feel “works”.  If not, share what you might have done differently.

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