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FIRST IMPRESSIONS (300-500 words)

A smart thing to do as you read your 3rd quarter book is keep a journal of short posts on your blog so when it comes time for you to write your quarterly book review you have already thought and written it out on your blog. This first blog post is a chance for you to write about how the reading of your book is going.

What needs to be in this first post? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Write down your first impressions of the book. Is it a story you recognize? Is it totally original? Do you like the author’s style of writing?
  2.  Write about the characters? Which one is your favorite? Is there a character you just don’t like? Why? Do you think that any of the characters represent real people?
  3. What emotions does the book make you feel: joy, sadness, panic, anger, curiosity? Or, is the book just boring and meaningless? Write about some of your reactions; and don’t be general – BE SPECIFIC!
  4. Sometimes books hit your in gut and remind you of your own life. Can you make any connections between the book and your own life? Or, does the book remind you of an event (or events) that happened to someone you know? Does the book remind you of what happened in another book you’ve read? How does it reflect reality? Or doesn’t it?

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