….it just might exist


Step 1: Registering your blog

  1. Go to (not and press “GET STARTED”
  2. Use the “BLOG ADDRESS” formula given to you in class (first name initial, full last name, nfanorth). Example: William Blake’s blog for Mr. Freedman’s class would be “wblakenfanorth”. Remember, you do not need to write in “”…..WordPress will do that for you.
  3. Your user name is simply your “BLOG ADDRESS” without the “” (i.e. wblakenfa)
  4. Choose an easy to remember password. Security is not an issue for this aspect of your school year.
  5. DO NOT…I repeat…DO NOT UPGRADE or buy a WordPress blog! Press “CREATE BLOG” and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Setting up your blog

  1. Once you have a blog address, WordPress will email you a link to “ACTIVATE” your blog. Go to your email and follow the instructions. This link will take you to your new blog where you can begin setting up your blog’s privacy settings and how you want your blog to look.
  2. “DASHBOARD” will soon become a heavily used word in your blogging vocabulary. The “DASHBOARD” is where you make all the behind the scenes changes to your blog. Your “THEME”, which will be found in the  “APPEARANCE” section on the left margin of your “DASHBOARD” will allow you to chose how your blog looks and interacts with your readers. Go to “APPEARANCE” and click on “THEMES”.
  3. You may search “THEMES” alphabetically, by popularity, or simply go through them page by page and “PREVIEW” them before you choose one to keep. Know this: you may change your “THEME” whenever you choose throughout the year; this is your blog and it should look the way you want it to look. There are no aesthetic requirements for you blogs.

Step 3: Establishing your PRIVACY setting

  2. Go down to “SITE VISIBILITY” and click the circle for  “I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose” and then press “SAVE CHANGES” at the bottom.
  3. Go back down to “SITE VISIBILITY” and click on the “INVITE VIEWERS TO YOUR BLOG” box.
  4. At the top of the page it will offer you a place to enter “USERNAME or EMAIL ADDRESSES.” This is where you will initially type in my username: freedtopia (you do not have enter anything but the username – no “” is necessary).
  5. You do not have to fill out “ROLE” or “MESSAGE.”
  6. Press “SEND INVITATION” and you are done with Step 3.
  7. When the class as a whole is set, you will go back to “SETTINGS ®PRIVACY” to invite whomever you choose to be your first Peer Reader.

 Step 4: Posting on your blog (The word “posting” in this context simply means “uploading your writing for me and everyone else to read. “)

  1. Throughout the school year I will constantly be reminding and encouraging you to treat your blog posts the way you would treat any serious piece of essay writing.  Like any traditional essay you’ve written in the past, what you want to try and avoid is turning in a piece of writing without editing and proofreading. One way to get in the habit of editing and proofreading is by pre-writing and saving your blog posts in a Word document before you post it on your blog.
  2. When you feel you have done proper editing and proofreading to your first blog post (“THE BEGINNING OF THE END”) it is time to post your work on your blog. Go to your “DASHBOARD” ®“POSTS ®ADD NEW”, cut and paste, and then “PUBLISH.” As previously discussed, the title of your blog posts will be determined by me most of the time, so make sure you are entering the prompt title correctly in the “ENTER TITLE HERE” space.
  3. Always remember this: Just because you’ve formally posted your writing does not mean you cannot go back and correct any mistakes you might have overlooked in the writing process. My suggestion is simple: Find a second pair of eyes to look at your work after you have done your editing and proofreading. Sometimes we do not see ALL the mistakes because they are so familiar to us.
  4. In the case of rewrites after you have posted and been graded, simply email me and politely ask that I take a second look at the blog.

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