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Identifying a Personal in Music

How can a piece of music embody our personal credos?

I believe that music is a force that stands and beckons the souls of humans to step out of their secret places. I have seen the power of a guitar’s voice as it draws out the souls of strangers in a crowd from under their superficiality and holds them spellbound as one. I have felt an overwhelming sense of unity fall over a huge crowd of people when the insightful artist reveals his sorrow, his frustration, or his overwhelming joy with a melody. I believe in closed eyes and dim lighting, in tapping feet, concert halls, and heads carried up and down by the rolling swells of a melody. . .

Nathanial (from This I Believe)

To help explore your creed (in preparation for further elaborating on it for the longer “This I Believe Essay”), choose a song with which you are familiar. In a short reflection on the words of this song, discuss how the lyrics resonate with some aspect of your creed.

You will need to

  • Post the lyrics of the song
  • Highlight/underline the line/lines/stanza that most clearly resonates with your creed.
  • Write a 250 word reflection on the relationship between your creed and the specific lyrics you have chosen. In this reflection, explain how and why the lyrics illuminate/relate to your creed.

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