….it just might exist


Now that you have officially taken part in a debate –  brainstormed, organized your ideas and research, worked as a team to peacefully and intellectually argue a realistic issue – the smartest thing you can do as a student is write about the good and the bad, the successes and failures, that you experienced debating.

 For this entry I want you to write about your experiences preparing and taking part in a debate. Areas that you will need to cover in this entry:

  • What was your overall opinion of the process? Be specific!
  • How did you like this format of arguing – that is, instead of screaming at each other in the hallway or on the street?
  • What do you think you did well?
  • What do you think you might’ve done better?
  • What did you learn about your issue that you did not already know?
  • Do you imagine using anything you learned in this unit in real life?
  • How did you like working in a team?
  • What do you feel you brought to the team as an individual?

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