….it just might exist


Read all three and choose one to write on:

  1. Write about a time in which you’ve dealt with racism. This can be with you being discriminated against, a friend of yours, or something you witnessed. How did it make you feel and what do you feel you should have done in that situation to improve things? Share the details of your experience to allow for a more complete and well-rounded response.
  2. Have you ever felt racist yourself? Be open and honest about this because even tiny things like a sarcastic joke or an internal opinion can be included in racism. Why do you feel as though you’ve formed this opinion and do you want to change it?
  3. Discuss the opinions of your parents, grandparents, and previous generations on race, the terms/words they use for people, and the different ways that they talk about and show evidence of racism. How do feel you’ve been influenced by their opinions and actions?

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