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As we get closer to the middle of the school year you will be asked now and then to write about where you are (or are not) concerning your Senior Talk idea. I am guessing that most of you are in the preliminary phase of inception – meaning you haven’t thought about it one iota (it’s always smart to be honest with yourself). This is simply an opportunity to throw some ideas around.

The expectations for a “Checking In” post are simple: share where you’re at, what you’re thinking about/not thinking about, your priorities at the moment, what you feel you need to begin doing, what you’ve already done, and what you have no clue about doing (yes, you read that correctly). The Senior Talk is a process, so don’t approach this post with the attitude that you MUST submit some kind of an “answer”; the purpose of these posts is to evaluate your present state of mind and keep it actively pursuing an idea you might be interested in. There need be no certainties for these posts. Relax and share where you’re at.

150 words minimum

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