….it just might exist


What idea do you have to share that might one day change the world?

While the generality of this question might bother you, the boundless possibilities of it will eventually allow you to latch onto one profoundly appealing and meaningful idea in your life that you will, for your senior research project, develop into a lecture. The goal for this first IDEAS WORTH SPREADING blog post are simple:

1. Go to TED’s website and read their “Our mission: Spreading ideas” paragraph. Get an “idea” of what the TED mission is.

2. Surf the “Themes” TED has to offer, settling on one for the day.

3. After you have settled on a theme, watch no fewer than 3 of its talks.

4. Compose a short post (due before April 16th) on your choice of theme and how this might be something you want to develop into a Senior Talk. What is its relevance in your life? What is appealing about it? How do you see yourself following or using this idea in the near and distant future?

5. Remember, you are signing on the dotted line, so follow your curiosity and see where it takes you. Be curious, open-minded, and determined! Good hunting.

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