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This week it will be your responsibility to interview your assigned senior in search of some nugget of wisdom or invaluable piece of advice concerning the next four years of your high school career. This interview will eventually be turned into a blog post entitled “The Entrance Interview” in which you reflect upon your experience interviewing this person and how his or her advice might be applied to your life in high school.

You might want to begin your interview with this open-ended question:

“As I begin the next the four years of my high school career, what do you feel is the most important message or belief that I should take with me?”

Advice as you interview:

  • Listen carefully and take clear notes like a reporter investigating a news story. Most cell phones now allow you to record; recording your subject will definitely help the content of this blog post.
  • Know what you want going in. Have multiple questions written out, and follow up when you feel you’re not getting what you want.
  • Let the interview go where it must! Sometime the best information comes out when you’ve found yourself going off topic.
  • If the interview has ended and you feel you need more information, go back for more.

Important formatting note: This blog post is unique in that it can take any form you want. It is always important that you employ a format you feel best frames your content.

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