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It will be your responsibility to interview an individual who has had a lasting influence upon your way of thinking and acting. This interview will eventually be turned into a blog post entitled “The Exit Interview” in which you reflect upon your experience interviewing this person and how his or her advice might be used in your life outside of high school.

You might want to begin your interview with this open-ended question:

“As the time grows near for me to leave home, what is the most important message or belief that you hope I will take with me and remember throughout my entire life?”

Advice as you interview:

  • Listen carefully and take clear notes on what this adult says, just like a reporter investigating a news story. Most cell phones have a “Record” function; recording your subject will definitely help the content of this blog post.
  • Ask probing questions in this interview so that you will understand exactly why the adult has chosen this specific message to share and how the adult has tried to follow this personal advice in his or her own life.

* Be advised: posting without direct quotes is a clear give away that you’ve fabricated an interview.

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