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The Facebook Dilemma

Now that you’ve examined your e-life on Facebook, Twitter, or any social networking website that possesses sensitive information on you, and read Lori Andrews’ New York Times article “Facebook Is Using You,” compose a blog post in which you further examine this pressing topic. Use the below prompts to get you writing.  A copy of the article can be found here.


  • Did Lori Andrews’ article change your perception of Facebook? Explain your answer, and be specific!


  • How does the reality that Lori Andrews examines in this article affect you? Is it a scary reality? Or does it not worry you at all?


  • How do you see this affecting your social and professional life as you graduate and move on to college or out into the work force?


  • How exposed are/were you in regards to personal information shared on Facebook or Twitter?


  • What steps have you taken/are you taking to make sure you are “respectable” or “appropriate”? Take us through what you’ve done as you prepare your working resume and e-life for professional scrutiny.

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