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Mark Twain once wrote, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” So often we put off till tomorrow what we want to do today. This, as you know, has a horrible way of repeating itself; day after day after day we drag our feet until we find ourselves completely unable to get started. In my experience, the key to getting started is having a clear idea of where you’re going.

For your first post in your first blog, you are responsible for writing a 250 word declaration of what you want to accomplish over the next four years, and how you are going to start making these accomplishments a reality. Don’t think in generalities: think specifics! For example: If you want to improve yourself as a writer, then post about how you are going to work on this area. How are you going to do this? Are you going to commit to writing 2000 words a week? Are you going to stay after with a teacher or spend time in the library reading other writers? Be honest with yourself and be specific! Good luck.

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