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Some people believe that the public school system does not adequately prepare students for the real world. For this post, identify one improvement you think NFA needs to make in order to better prepare you and future students for life after high school. This post should take the form of a letter to the superintendent in which you describe this improvement and explain why it is needed. Use the below district address in your letter, as well as the return address of the North Campus.

If after you have posted your thoughts on your blog you feel you want to share this with the superintendent himself, talk to me. Please do not send without me reading your work.

If you desire, there are many TED talks that examine this issue. Schools Kill Creativity (Sir Ken Robinson) is one of the best…I highly recommend watching it.


Mr. Ed Forgit, Interim Superintendent of Schools

Newburgh Enlarged City School District

124 Grand Street

Newburgh, NY  12550

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