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What is your tragic flaw?

No discussion about flaws is complete without discussing hubris. It is the classic flaw, the overriding one of Greek drama, and it informs much of our concept of fiction. Hubris is the belief that one is equal to or above the gods. It is putting yourself up so high that there is no ground beneath you to support yourself. And the tragedy is the falling from grace, and the resulting consequences to everyone around them. It’s hard to find modern stories that include true hubris. It’s hard to use effectively, especially without active gods in the story. But there are still stories of incredible arrogance and self-pride that tell of how someone’s feelings about himself caused his downfall.

Blog prompt: write about your hubris. If you cannot find any real hubris in your personality, what is your major flaw as person? What are you completely unwilling to not do, even though you realize or have been told it is the wrong thing to do?  

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