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WHERE AM I? (freshmen)

At the beginning of the school year you blogged about how your transition into high school was going (“The Beginning”); you thought about where you’d come from, where you were at that moment, and what you wanted to accomplish over the next four years.  Well, it’s officially the start of the 3rd quarter, and while that dispassionately means you are simply 20 weeks closer to finishing your freshman year, there is a lot of school to go and lot of challenges ahead.

This blogging assignment is a 2-parter:

  1. First, go back and read your first post, “The Beginning”….and read it as a critical reader would (i.e. What is this person saying? Why is he/she saying this? What can I determine about this person from what he/she wrote?). Examine where you were…acknowledge your feelings and thoughts. Yes, it was only five months ago, but five months in high school can feel like the blink of an eye and eternity.  Quote yourself!
  2. Second, I want to read about how you feel your freshman year is going for you: Have you found it harder/easier than you expected? Have you felt prepared or in a constant state of “catch up!” Have there been any pleasant surprises or unfortunate pitfalls? Regrets? Something you can take pride in? Has your focus shifted? Has your confidence changed? Basically, I want you to acknowledge where you are and write about how things are going for you.

Relax, and have fun with this.

* DUE JAN. 31…AND remember, there is no late work accepted in the 3rd and 4th quarters; blogs are either posted before or on their due date, not after. 

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